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Yes, you will get tubers theYes, you will get tubers the first year. You can then propagate that plant via tubers in later years to get offspring of the same type. If you collect seed from your seed-grown plant, however, they will likely not be the same as the parent (in other words, not come true). Some people enjoy the variable results when growing 2nd generation seed, and save the newly formed tubers of those plants to grow in future years. Others prefer the predictability and quality of the plants when grown directly from tuber divisions (or also, cuttings). Note: The type of dahlias offered in seed packets are usually of the smaller bedding or dwarf variety, good for cut flowers and in borders and containers. If you want show-quality, huge blooms, go for cuttings or tuber divisions. Note: We'd like to say thank you to the reader who disagreed with our original comment; we have corrected our response!

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