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I don't know if you can be ofI don't know if you can be of help or not, but I would appreciate whatever you might be able to offer.  I seem to remember an astronomy article from a l-o-n-g ago OF's Almanac issue that described, perhaps depicted, the realistic distances between the planets of our solar system in a way that would help an everyday reader understand just exactly how far these distances actually were. It was a practical description, analogous to understanding the "distance equivalence scale" that one sees on a wall map of a really large area; ex: 1 inch=50 miles, etc. etc. I remember the article suggesting,for instance, that if you were in a room which represented Earth, then the moon would be across the way where the other wall was. The distance from Earth to Mars then, would mean that you would have to go outside and look down the sidewalk to the end of your city block. To Jupiter, one would then have to keep walking to the half-mile mark, and so forth and so forth. . . I would REALLY like to find which back issue of the OF's Almanac that this truly interesting, very helpful, and practical article was printed in. Would appreciate whatever assistance that you might be able to provide. Thank-You. Sincerely, Harris C. McGuire, Wichita, KS 67213

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