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Steve, Thanks for otherSteve, Thanks for other interesting nature lore, facts. I recently heard of the woolly worm from a woman from Kentucky.They have began showing up here but all I have seen is a light cinnamon color with one dark brown-black stripe running front to back, no horizontal markings though. Last year was a cold, wet- a harsh winter for Georgia. The weather was reported as turning around but when I saw the squirrels restocking acorns which I had not seen before, to me it was informing us to expect a longer than normal winter and the weather to remain harsh. Who was right? The squirrels. Our ancestors lived, farmed, etc. by nature's clues and they proved valid. Who am I going to believe? Nature!!! I have been watching the "wild cats", domestic cats living outside. They provide much accurate insight into our weather-rain, heat, cold(& they have thicker coats, fur, than in past), etc. Thanks again for your comments : )

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