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Catching any living thing, no Catching any living thing, no matter how noble the supposed purpose, goes against many people's nature, and understandably so. What's so beautiful and moving about the Wild is precisely that we don't have our fingerprints all over it. On the other hand, our fingerprints are so heavy upon the earth as a whole--destroying habitats, changing migration routes, wiping out species (hundreds a day, worldwide)--that human disruption is taking place every second, long before a person takes a net in his hand. In order to stand up for Nature, we first have to see it well, I think. At least for me, it's hard to defend creatures whose names I don't know. As with the banding of birds, dragonflies are rarely injured at all in the netting process, and are released in just a few minutes. Even our intrusions into other lives can be done with care and empathy.

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