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To find out what Moon phaseTo find out what Moon phase was on a particular date from 1902 to 2037, you can use our Moon Phases and Lunar Calendar at: http://www.almanac.com/moon/calendar/NH/Dublin/1982-11 Just put in the zip or postal code to tailor the data to your location (Moon phase date is dependent on local time, and sometimes the date will change depending on what time zone you are in.) It looks like November 21, 1982, was 2 days before First Quarter (so it was a waxing crescent Moon). As for the significance of being born under a full Moon astrologically speaking, the answer can get a little lengthy, depending on how many other factors you are considering, too. We'd suggest that you post your question on our Astrology and Signs Forum. Someone there would probably be able to help answer your question. http://www.almanac.com/forums/astrology-signs-forum Or, you can search online for "full Moon," "astrology," "significance," and "born" and you'll see several astrology sites that may help.

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