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Hiya, Have had my firstHiya, Have had my first garden since AGES, and chose what I would thought would grow naturally well here as don't have a green thumb, and grew up in the So Cal desert where there really was no gardens! I am in North Wales of the UK now. Very wet, so thought pumpkins would do well (and Chester zoo has a huge, thriving pumpkin patch). Despite my dreams of being inundated with pumpkins LOL Have 2 that have made it. One very big (first that fruited), and a much smaller one that came later. All the others didn't make it past much at all. I didn't see many bees early on, but might also be the soil. Def no lack of water. Anyway, have read this about harvesting and know the vines and leaves dwindle as the fruit ripens, but am still not sure. As my vines are feeling VERY dodgy and soft. Main pest problem is slugs and snails, but has also turned colder and extra rainy here (though nowhere close to frost). My big one is maybe 1/4 orange...the smaller one just a bit. I know you say to wait until mature, but what if the vine feels so dodgy, soft and maybe rotting? Should I cut the pumpkin off now? Also, what should I do with the vine remains? If want to plant next year, should I pull the remians out, or sort of dice them into the soil? What's the best way to winter prepare for the next year? many thanks and such a great page of info

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