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no panty hose,just keepno panty hose,just keep trowing all that lead in there. Any new homes being built around your fishing area is great also.We had a large fish kill from subdivisions being built, the termite treatment in the ground made it to the lakes after a few rains.It took them a little while to figure that one out.Also lets not build anymore piers from the chemical treated lumber. Come on now, a small patch of panty hose in the Tennessee river? You are probably one of those persons, i mean peta persons that want to ban fishing anyway, hooking them in the lips is cruel. Broken line ? maybe , but im after the big ones, I use 50lb line, haven't broken it yet. Get rich, invent biodegradable panty hose,or build small wire basket, put liver inside, with hook on outside,made onto basket. If line breaks, fish will look better with basket on his face, and probably won't die. Lets keep it real with whats trashing our waterways.

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