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Can a bass digest a 4ozCan a bass digest a 4oz lunker lure ? How about the plastic rigs used for sqeeze baits ? When I was a kid, i had a Redbone hound pass a complete dishrag. I have seen large car parts from the inside of Sharks while caught alive. This ban sounds like a new way to make money by fines if you get caught. What's next? How about a bad shot on a deer by bullet or arrow? ban bullets and arrows? Trapping, check your trap and have only a leg,animal going to live or die? Come on now, you can catch and chop up a fish, usually alive and use it for bait, but pantyhose may kill one if you don't catch it? Brilliant thinking, I bet some state lawmakers made and spent big money thinking this up. When a pair of pantyhose are no longer wearable, what are they good for? What is the lifespan for pantyhose? Like I said earlier,make the pantyhose biodegradable, landfills and fishermen happy.

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