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This writer is mistaken andThis writer is mistaken and doesn't want to admit it. There are two main factors that determine cellar temperature -geothermal and surface temperature. If you are far enough from any geothermal energy then the underground temperature is the average of the above ground temperature. the closer it is to the surface, the more the temperature in the cellar fluctuates with the temperature above ground. So where in the USA is the average temperature below 40 degrees F ? Maybe Alaska... Here in upstate NY we have Howe Cavern; since these caverns are so far below ground, over 160 feet, the temperature stays 52 degrees year round. Maybe this writer forgot to mention the ice, or air conditioning unit she uses. Maybe she meant a high powered air conditioner where she used "ventilation." And the idea that a garbage can, not even fully buried below the surface will maintain a temperature between 32 and 40 degrees F? That is just cartoonish ...funny...

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