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I guess when you have yourI guess when you have your own lemon trees it's different. To me, using citrus pulp for anything other than yummy purposes is, oh, such a waste. But I do keep the peels, align them on paper until they dry to a crunch, then store them in cardboard box(es). The ones I do not use to make "tea", I use as dish-detergent-sponges: soak them in the pots while the pots need soaking, then use them as disposable dish sponges. Usually they do the job. If they can't, I add baking soda like Kelster5. Next time I'll try salt like hsmom2004. When they're used up as dish-rags, they go to clean the garbage disposal. Haven't bought a dish sponge or detergent in over three years. My hands look and smell fresh, not like the onion and garlic I clean and chop every day. My Kitchen smells like a citrus orchard. I don't know why I didn't figure this out sooner, and how come not everyone does this since stone age?? Good to meet you :)

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