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Hello, What is theHello, What is the temperature in the greenhouse? We planted seeds in April in an old bathtub in specialized vegetable soil, and the vines started coming up in the next couple of months. You WILL need plenty of space because the vines get very long. We also tried transplanting some of the vines and those died very quickly because they weren't watered as often, so they dried up. We had a VERY hot summer so we had to water twice a day. So, Miracle-Gro or fertilized soil, Plenty of sunlight, warm temperature, and water once a day. DO NOT over-water, too much and the vines will drown. After the peak of harvest, we had some vines sprout in the soil patch of an old chicken coop. We had fed them some rinds and they digested the seeds! Good luck. I am also looking to try a greenhouse for watermelon. Let me know the results!

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