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Hi Sheila, Yes, you will beHi Sheila, Yes, you will be able to see Comet ISON. In fact, it has brightened considerably just in the past few days, and you can see it RIGHT NOW if you hurry! Comet ISON is currently visible to the naked eye. You can see the comet this week if you get outside before sunrise and have a clear view to the southeast. Use the Sky Map on this page as a guide. The Sky Map shows the position of Comet ISON as it was on the morning of November 17 when it was just above the bright star Spica. The comet moves a little lower each day and is now below Spica. Look for a small hazy spot below Spica. But hurry! The comet is moving lower in the sky every day and will be lost in the Sun's glare within a few days. Never, EVER look directly at the Sun! Not even with eye protection! For now, the ONLY safe time to look for Comet ISON is in the early morning before the Sun rises. Jeff DeTray http://www.AstronomyBoy.com

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