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Hello to the forumFrom the Great North West on the Peninsula that is. I have an Acre to garden on minus the house area. I was down in Missouri for the last three growing seasons but back to my gardens here that were not tended at all but mother nature ... yes a lot of take overs happened. Since its Washington I have all the berrie shoots to deal with. That I have in some parts gotten rid of the back year gardens. Thankful the raspberries took off and strawberries rhubarb and chives still thrive. I the see mints popping up here and there. Good so far! I am wondering about my lupines I had and why I did not see any shoots when I came back in Aug? I be will replanting them. What should I do to ensure that I get a good harvest of corn and carrots? I have a north facing hill that the sun does hit in the summer time. I love the way my tomatoes grow over ten feet tall even when I pinch em must be the used sawdust that I get from the local equine centers. looking to working in our Churches new garden that the ladies are starting this year. Loads of work to be done...any help is surely appreciated. Sister Nora Smith

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