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seeds for swapping iseeds for swapping i have hardy pink,purple,white hibiscus mini orange& white pumpkins birdhouse gourds butternut squash purple coneflower rose of sharon cosmos pepper mix yellow crooked-neck squash "jumbo" mammoth sunflower and several other sunflower and black oil seeds. swap or sase tomato: lemon boy *kentucky beefsteak orange *hazelfield farm red (ky) *hendersons pink ponderosa *aunt rubys german cherry(green) *delicious *beefsteak *lucky cross *rutgers select watermelon sugar baby dixie queen verona melon delicious 51 minesota midget honey rock eggplant black beauty broccoli calabrese spinach bloomsdale green pepper california wonder round zucchini buttercup squash table queen acorn hubbard squash cucuzzi squash wants any squash or gourd butterfly bush trees beans hollyhock moonvine clematis castor bean melons Zone: 6

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