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Hi Scott, You are seeing theHi Scott, You are seeing the planet Venus, which is currently low in the south at sunset. Comet ISON was briefly visible to the naked eye about 10 days ago before dawn in the eastern sky. Even then, it required exceptionally clear skies to see ISON without at least binoculars. Comet ISON is fast approaching the Sun. The comet will swing around the Sun on November 28, at which time its fate will be determined. Already there are signs that the solid portion of Comet ISON may have been vaporized by the Sun. On the other hand, there are some observations from spacecraft that indicate the comet is still holding together. We won't know anything for certain until Comet ISON rounds the Sun on November 28. The comet could disappear completely upon its close encounter with the Sun, but it might survive and be visible again after the encounter. We just don't know! Everyone from amateur star gazers to professional astronomers will just have to be patient. Jeff DeTray

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