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when you have 10ft.of dirtwhen you have 10ft.of dirt above ur head in a root cellar, the temperature will be about 54-58degrees F, no matter where you are on earth,no matter what the temperature is outside! that's deep! if the room is 8feet high,that would mean you are down 18ft in the ground! what a hole! and the roof of the cellar,it can be wood, or the floor joists of the floor of the house above or it can better yet be concrete. the floor can be dirt,as humidity will come up from the ground,and hopefully not ground water! so the place is cool and damp year round! or you can have dirt walls and floor, and years ago, a trap door in the house's ground floor could be opened up and a ladder was inside the cellar to climb down on into the root cellar. u will need a flashlight,or have some power down there to light it up. in a storm, its a good place to hide! you can store a lot of different things down there,wine and to age it,cheese and to age it,veggies,smoked hams to dry it slowly and age it, home-canned goods can be stored there too! you don't see that much anymore,since milk comes from the store,not the cow!!LOL!! everything today is processed and packaged in a plant,not at home! those days are gone for most of us! the good old days of country livin!and eatin!are hard to find anymore! life was slower back then! that's why I like the Amish way of life,but young people today want everything now,and the Amish kids are no different then anyone elses kid,thats why its hard to stay in the community! I would love to be Amish,or at least I think I would! its work! and lots of it! but it sure is good eatin!

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