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Dec 13 Aries Ram (Head &Dec 13 Aries Ram (Head & Face) Aries Dec 14 Taurus Bull (Neck) Taurus Dec 15 Taurus Bull (Neck) Taurus Dec 16 Gemini Twins (Arms) Gemini Dec 17 Gemini Twins (Arms) Gemini Dec 18 Gemini Twins (Arms) Gemini Dec 19 Cancer Crab (Breast) Cancer Dec 20 Cancer Crab (Breast) Cancer Dec 21 Leo Lion (Heart) Leo Dec 22 Leo Lion (Heart) Leo Dec 23 Virgo Virgin (Bowels) Virgo Dec 24 Virgo Virgin (Bowels) Virgo Dec 25 Libra Balance (Reins) Libra Dec 26 Libra Balance (Reins) Libra Dec 27 Scorpio Scorpion (Secrets) Scorpio Dec 28 Scorpio Scorpion (Secrets) Scorpio Dec 29 Sagittarius Archer (Thighs) Sagittarius Dec 30 Sagittarius Archer (Thighs) Sagittarius Dec 31 Sagittarius Archer (Thighs) Sagittarius read info I posted above earlier on this particular subject..The moon will be in the dark phase on 12/20/13 so that's embracing half of the formula..Thanks

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