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I washed clothes yesterday inI washed clothes yesterday in the basement of our house. Upon returning to change to the dryer, I saw water on the floor and the utility sink filled to the top. My husband used a plunger and it caused water to continue filling from the drain into the sink. We flushed the toilets and ran water in the house and the sink continued to receive some water through the drain with what looked like remnants of toilet paper. We decided not to run water, go to the gym and shower and let it slowly drain on its own. Today, the sink is half full. He went outside and removed the vent cover because water was seeping through it and found toilet paper, hair and other household waste. After reviewing tons of videos, reading blogs and etc., we suspect there might be a block at the end of the sewer pipe that leads to the septic. What do you think? What steps should we try next.

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