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Hi, I grow Garlic in SouthHi, I grow Garlic in South Australia. We managed 900kg this year.ts all through our place and the smells not a problem. As its our first year selling we thought we might sun dry some flakes in case we can not sell it all. All my research and experience over the last 5 years indicates that most of the Alliun, the sulfur compound that makes Alicin when exposed to air (Alicin is the healthy stuff), is released at the moment of crushing. We have a number of top chefs as customers. They all say the slice their garlic just before use so as to leave some moisture in to keep garlic healthy and superior taste. Through a mix of garlic varieties we have natural garlic all year round. I have no doubt garlic powder retains a lot of the garlic flavour, however I am very sceptical on it Allicin potency. I have read on other sites rehydrating flakes might retain more Allicin and flavour!!! More to the point does anyone know what the ideal moisture content % dried garlic should have. I have read 5.5% on a chineese site but I HATE CHINEESE GARLIC so dicarded that info. Any ideas appreciated

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