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Great memories of myGreat memories of my childhood. I was raised on a farm where LaGuardia Airport is today (1928-1939. We grew vegetables from early spring to late fall and brought them to market on the West side of Manhattan and the Bronx farmers' Market. The center of our home was the large wood-burning cast iron stove which provided all the things you mention in your story. In fact, one April we had a blizzard. In order to save a spring crop for market, we had to quickly harvest the vegetables and bring them into our gigantic kitchen to prevent them from getting frozen. That stove saved the crop. Our family members were all great cooks. The Wonderful aromas of delicious foods which came from that stove provided three meals per day for all of us who lived and worked on that farm. I actually miss those days and I am happy that you are experiencing that simple but joyous and healthy life!

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