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This long range weatherThis long range weather prediction won't give you the exact weather for a specific city on an exact date. What it does well is predict if the weather will be hotter/colder or wetter/drier than average for region of the country over several weeks or months. It is better for farmers and municipal water planning commissions than brides. Our weather history product says that on June 13 in Sheridan WY from 1967 to 2013 there were 18 occurrances of rain out of 46 days, which means historically there is a 39% chance of rain on your day. There were 11 occurances of thunder on June 13, 1 occurance of hail, 3 occurances of fog, and 0 tornadoes. The average maxium daily temperature for June 13 over the same span of years is 77.3 degrees. 

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