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Here in central Virginia onHere in central Virginia on the night of January 6, 2014 we hit a record low of 0 with wind chills as low as -30 degrees! I walked outside the next morning to try to start the car up and my car wouldn't crank and my pipes froze! It was THAT cold outside. After just 3 minute exposure to those frigid temperatures I realized it was too dangerous to be outside and I ran back inside to get warm. Despite all of the cold, still no snow. The northeast & midwest has had plenty of snow this winter but we've really been missing out because we've only had traces. We average 18-22" per year so we're in a snow drought. I hope the rest of the winter will remain favorable for snow because I've never been through a year without it. We're going to have to get snow eventually! I dont want it to be THAT cold again to say the least but I'd hate to see our winter end in January. More cold in February please!

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