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By all means, enjoy yourBy all means, enjoy your blizzards. Here in Kentucky, when I was growing up in the '60's and '70's, we had regular blizzard conditions, and even our city schools were out at least a few days due to heavy snow. From the end of November through to the end of February, and sometimes even on into March or April, our area might see several inches on the ground most of the time. Sadly, the weather here has changed drastically, and some Winter seasons bring little more than a mere dusting of snow here and there. This not only disrupts the seasonal cycles that were once so inspiring, but it increases the amount of insects and weeds the next Spring, and the soil isn't as good. So never take a good, healthy Winter for granted, and make those blizzards a positive thing. The way things seem to be going, there may come a time when none of us get to enjoy the stark, quiet beauty of a robust snow.

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