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There are more variables thanThere are more variables than we can cover here, but our sources confirm that horses prefer not to (read: will not) graze areas soiled by manure. Management of manure is important to the prevention of "horse-sick" pastures; these are a result of the smell and avoidance of pastures soiled by manure. Rotational grazing, or limited grazing, such as you practice, is key, but it may be that your horses produce more manure than you can effectively handle in the space you have. To faciliate manure removal and improve the health and productivity of your pastures, one source suggests a "sacrifice area." This would be a small enclosure (paddock, corral, pen, turnout area—approx. 1000 sq ft per horse) in which to confine the horses at critical times. Here you can control feeding as well as remove manure deposits more easily. We hope this helps.

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