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I have a few family membersI have a few family members who live in Pennsylvania and they came here to visit for a couple of weeks around Christmas and New Years. They were here during the cold snap! They were surprised that it got this cold because I live in North Carolina and they had claimed that this is a "warm tropical climate" but it got close to 0 degrees plus my neighbors pipes had froze! They were whining about how cold it was and I said "So you came to NC thinking you were going to escape the cold and you'll be in shorts and a t shirt, right?" LOL! Not shorts and t shirt weather here! Some snow would be nice though :D We haven't seen any so far but I'm hoping we can get a genuine snowstorm here in Winston-Salem metro area in late January or February, maybe March. How's it looking? If we can get a stormy pattern to set up while we have the cold air it'll surely snow. I couldn't imagine it not snowing this year. Its so much colder this winter.

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