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It's so cold that I justIt's so cold that I just found myself looking at pictures of Hawaii. Who says I can't dream?! But its the dead of winter... so no matter how brightly the sun shines, the bare trees are still begging for their leaves back, the air is bitter and the ground is frozen. "As the days lengthen, so the cold does strengthen." definitely is a true saying. The winter solstice may be in December but January and February are almost always the coldest months of the year. What are the indications for the rest of the winter? I've been hearing that the doors will remain open from the arctic and arctic cold will continue to flow into the east and yield more brutal cold and snowstorms to the Mid-Atlantic region. I do hope that California will get some much needed rainfall, however. My heart goes to the people dealing with the drought in the west. If an el nino develops in the summer I think that could really help. But one thing is certain; no Hawaii for me :(

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