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HiI was certainly glad to find this forum. I'm now a retired Army Officer trying to settle back into where I started as just an Arkansas farmboy. And finding there's a lot to re-learn. While growing up we centered everything we did around the "signs". I mean we didn't even hoe the garden unless Mama decided the sign supported it. Know what? There was a lot less in the way of follow-on problems the things we did than if we did them willy-nilly as we now do. I joined today because I'm facing the repeat of a failed hip replacement surgery. The bone cement that was to hold the "stem" of my new hip in the femur bone did not bond, so the whole hip structure is sort of just floating free. So as I have to decide about this surgery Mama nudged me to remember to think about the right time according to the signs and have the surgery with the signs in or below the knees and falling. Any opinions from anyone out there?

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