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Why with this "PDO" Why with this "PDO" information did "The Old Farmer's Almanac" predict wetter than normal January and February 2014 for the California Pacific north west. You had my hopes up because I believed you. Now I have little to no hope at all for us. It's going to be another drought probably worse than the mid 70's. We haven't seen a drop of rain in months. Our lakes are mud puddles; I'm scared to death over this. I feel like we may never see rain again. That's how bleak our outlook is. Now why again did you mis-lead us with the phony prediction of "Wetter than normal Jan. and Feb. 2014"? Just to get our hopes up just to be dashed? I'm sorry, I'm so scared that I'm lashing out at anybody to blame this frightening situation on. I once believed in you, not now, you'll have to prove yourself again to me in a big way to make me a believer again. Sadly, yours truly, Sandy Wilkins

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