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What about the 2nd SupermoonWhat about the 2nd Supermoon of Jan on Jan.30? It rises at 6:31AM, 35 min. before the sun rises@7:06AM, so shouldn't the Sun coming up under it make it glow from the bottom or at least have a halo around it when it rises? I don't understand why the new moons of Jan 1st and Jan 30th are deemed to be SUPERmoons when you usually can't see the new moon -- so what makes it SUPER? Also, this same SUPERmoon sets at 5:20PM, just 9 mins. AFTER the Sun sets at 5:11PM. Weather permitting, could that make a sunset more spectacular with a following glowing ring around the moonset magnified in the Earth's atmosphere? Thanks in advance if anyone shares the answer or shares news ab. any other astronomical event coming up, not mentioned so far in the Sky Watch. :) Val

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