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Actually part of theActually part of the information is incorrect it is not a 12 year cycle rather it is 5 12 year cycles. For a total of a 60 year cycle. Each of the 12 year cycles follow an element... Metal, water, wood, fire and earth. Each of the 12 signs also have a element given directly too it. Metal = Monkey & Rooster Earth = Ox, Sheep & Dog Fire = Snake & Horse Wood = Tiger, Rabbit & Dragon Water = Rat & Pig Then, each animal sign is further divided into the five elements, depending on the year that the sign occurs. Using this years sign as and example. •Metal Horse (1930, 1990,) •Earth Horse (1918, 1978) •Fire Horse (1966, 2026) •Wood Horse (1954, 2014) •Water Horse (1942, 2002) Each of the five elements occurs within each animal sign occurs once every 12 years. Therefore, each specific animal-element combination – e.g. the Wood Horse – repeats once every 60 years. A person’s characteristics are determined both by the ruling element of their sign as well as the element of that particular year that they are born. E.g. A Water Rooster will be controlled by both Water and Metal. And each of the element influences the traits of the actual sign whereas the wood sign is the least effective. 'The most grounded of the Horses' and the fire sign as the name reflect the most ratical 'Led mostly by his heart and his passions, this is the wildest and most volatile of Horses'. Google it for more info and have fun. Try googling the east meets west astrology and see how one influences the other!

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