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Call it as you see it, if youCall it as you see it, if you don't believe it that's okay, every one has the right to see it as they choose, but my great dear uncle did this for years, (split persimmon seeds in the fall) and when he was gone we checked the persimmon seeds for our area. And they have held true to for in predictions most often. However you cannot open just one seed and get the results. It takes several seeds. For example.... in a snow prediction there are at times a few forks, knives and spoon shaped seeds that are on the tree. But, if it is going to be a lot of snow-- there is more spoon seeds than any other kind of shapes inside the persimmon seeds. Its like the Caterpillar predictions-- you can't always determine it by one Caterpillar. It takes observing many over time. But be cautious Persimmon seeds are toxic. So don't eat the seeds. As a matter of fact, this year for our area it was spoons and yes, we had already had lots of cold and snow and its just late January.

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