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Thank you for bringing thatThank you for bringing that to our attention; we have revised the article. We believe that if one has an overweight pet, it's best to talk to one's vet to develop a plan tailored specifically to the pet's needs, which will vary depending on the pet's health, allergies, age, breed, habits, etc. For example, wet food provides water that some pets may not be as inclined to obtain via their water bowl etc. (but still always leave a bowl of water out for them as well--wet food is not a replacement for a bowl of water). For some other pets, as long as they are healthy, they can get along fine with just dry food, no wet food, because they are in the habit of drinking plenty of water from their water bowl. Certain dry foods may not be appropriate for weight loss, while others are designed specifically for that, with balanced nutrition. Wet food also comes in more caloric or diet formulas. Pay attention to quality ingredients, no matter which type of food is chosen.

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