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Animals can sometimes getAnimals can sometimes get stuck inside the walls, or set up residence there--anything from raccoons, opossums, and squirrels (including flying squirrels) on down to smaller animals such as mice, roof rats, chipmunks, etc., including baby animals. (Pets can also sometimes get stuck, if they fall through the attic flooring.) Sometimes birds and bats get into attics, but rarely walls. When you hear the noises, night or day, will help to ID it. We'd recommend that you consult an animal pest control company. They can determine whether the animal is trapped in the wall or has entrance/exit sites on the outside of the house. They can also remove the animal safely (wild animals will be scared and may retaliate, and some may carry diseases), and determine if it is just one animal, or several, such as a mom with babies. During the process, they may need to cut a hole in the wall to gain access. Good luck!

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