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I live in New York State andI live in New York State and I feed the blue jays and northern cardinals that live around here year round. When it becomes very cold and snowy in the winter they do not sing except for an occasional call note. They eat but they do not sing! When Spring is about to begin the blue jays and cardinals will begin to sing and sing and sing. I adore them. Also, the beautiful crocus will begin blooming because crocus is an early bloomer and surely to me another sign of Spring. The scent in the air in the woods near my home changes from a scent in the winter which to me smells like snow all the time to a lighter, scent of renewed greenery. The summer scent seems rather heavy when bogged down by too much humidity and the autumn smells like the colorful leaves that accumulate on the ground from maples and oaks and give off a musky but pleasant odor. I love all the seasons and I feel fortunate to live in a region that has the ever changing beauty of all four seasons. I don't think I could live happily in a place that has but one long season such as always hot.

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