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I don't see a home remedy forI don't see a home remedy for mange mites, be they sarcoptic or demodectic, so I thought I would offer one that has worked for me. This is Ted's Mange remedy, found on the Earth Clinic website. Ingredients: Borax laundry booster - the plain stuff with NO scent. 1 -16 oz bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide I get both of these from the grocery store. Process: Empty hydrogen peroxide into larger bottle - I use an empty 1 gallon vinegar jug. Add to this 32 oz filtered or distilled water - I just refill the hydrogen peroxide bottle twice - and dump into the jug. What this does is change your 3% hydrogen peroxide into 1% hydrogen peroxide. Next add 1 cup of the borax crystals and shake. There should be some undissolved crystals in the mixed solution - this is just right. I try to use hot water from the kettle on the stove, that or sit the jug of mixture in the sink full of hot water while I bathe the dog. NEXT: Bathe the dog - use whatever shampoo and rinse well. Squeeze out excess water and make sure the tub is drained. I then plug up the tub. Now pour the mixed up solution over the dog. I use a small sponge to soak up the solution from the bottom of the tub and squeeze it out onto the dog again and again, making sure I get the head and underneath. Keep squeezing solution over and over onto the dog for about 15 minutes - 30 minutes is better. Then pull the stopper from the tub and let the excess drain. DO NOT DRY THE DOG OR RINSE THE DOG. The solution has to remain wet as it is still working. Allow the dog to air dry. I just pop mine into their crates and I remove any absorbent bedding. If you are worried about poisoning your dog keep in mind that borax has the same toxicity as table salt. The solution doesn't seem to hurt the eyes or sting any sores on the skin. Some dogs feel instant relief! Dip the dog 2-3 times the first week, and then once per week for up to 2 months; 8 dips should resolve the issue and if it does not, then you likely are not dealing with mites OR the environment is reinfecting the pet and needs to be addressed as well to resolve the issue.

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