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Have old cat now deaf, has aHave old cat now deaf, has a limp, sleeps most of the time. Appetite alright as long as food pointed out to him. However the last 24/48 hours has seen a new and unpleasant problem arise. Yesterday the crows were up in the tree over him.Today he has been covered in flies which I discovered are horribly laying eggs on him. I've put diluted penny royal on him but this did not work altogether. Tomorrow I shall try apple cider vinegar (as noted in a post elsewhere for dogs). Some would say the solution would be to keep him in doors but he would absolutely hate this and be more distressing to him than the flies (which he doesn't seem to notice, yet anyway). Him being covered in flies however distresses me therefore if anyone knows a good fly deterrent that I can use on him, I would gratefully appreciate the input. I can't seem to find anything on line about flies on cats (lots for dogs). He may be sleeping the rain sometimes,(sometimes he takes shelter in the carport) I'd rather he didn't sleep in the rain but can accept it, I cannot accept the flies covering him however as if he were already dead. Bartholemew has been a great cat, he was a rescue cat and has had 11 years with us on acreage after an earlier life as a farm cat. So please no 'keep him indoors' as advice, that is not who he is. Also there are no flies anywhere else, just finding him. I've had a few cats (older rescue ones who have passed) but never come across such a problem before and asking around I haven't found anyone else whose experienced it either. Thanks.

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