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Not quite certain how old/newNot quite certain how old/new this forum(Manure Guide)is but, I'm in the NYC area and have two small(8' x 4')raised garden beds which I built and, am using to grow vegetables. Being fairly new to gardening(about 5yrs. now), I've been trying my hand out on a mixture of both organic and non organic(organic being the most recent). I have also been vermicomposting for both vermiculture and castings. To make a long story short, I've recently been introduced to a source of fresh rabbit manure and have read up on all the great benefits it has for both your soil and harvest. I've been told rabbit manure is a "cold" fertilizer and it can be added directly to the garden beds fresh. However my source ships her product moist(urine). I have been feeding it to my indoor worm bin(18gal. tote)with little to no ill affects(other than heating up my bin for a few days)if incorporated in small increments along with either fruit or veggie scraps. The worms seem to gooble it right up. My question is will the rabbit manure have any ill affects to my garden soil if added fresh("cold" fertilizer)with some garden lime added? or, should I dry it out some first? Will I need to wait a certain period of time before incorporating into my garden soil if it is vermicomposted?

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