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I love all these wonderfulI love all these wonderful ideas in addition to what really is taken to control frequency and pain to true migrain suffers ..I take 150mg of Topamax to prevent migraines and decrease the pain level when I get one. When I do get them ( bc I still do ..ever since the 5th Grade) I take. Frova or Replax and muscle relaxer and lay down in a dark ro with ice bag. Hope fully the migraine goes away. Migraine meds will only get rid of migraines .,.Topamax changed my life ...I have to say that it's a shame that article after article of promises to try to get rid of or reduce migraine when we all know the above article will not. I am also True believe altertive health solutions ( hey but I can't afford those ) I started having migraines in the 5th grade and went through extensive testing to find out they were migrains ..my son is in the 4 th grade and has be getting migrains for about a year..I have tracked them and ruled out several things but can not diagnose him myself..not afford the expensive testing required that will be Oder from a neurologist that his peditrication is requiring ! So stop posting anything other then real life solutions too real life problems.. Wake up American

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