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I have never understood whyI have never understood why people that believe in the falsehood of global warming refuse to look to climate history or facts. First off, there have been 26 or so ice ages in history. Using COMMON SENSE, this should tell you that the earth has cooled and warmed 26 or so times, NATURALLY. Next, the sun activity plays a huge role, more sun activity (sun spots, etc.) equates warmer weather, lower activity equates cooler weather. A fact ignored by GW believers. Next, ocean temperatures play a role. Water temps can steer a weather system, or even kill it. Ever hear of El Niño or La Niña? It would do you good to look those up and how they have a tremendous impact on climate for most of the year. An argument by the believers is that temperatures have risen over the years. Once again, some research needs to be done here. Many official temperature measuring stations are located at airports. Airports were always built away from cities, but then the cities expanded near and around airports. Anyone with any climate knowledge knows about the heat island effect, basically concrete or other heat absorbing materials in cities that absorb heat during the day, making it much warmer than the surrounding countryside. This causes skewed temperature readings. One should study their state climate journals that have recorded temperatures outside the cities and it will show no increase in average temperatures, whereas city temperatures show an increase, which takes us back to the heat island effect. Also do some research on where the official temperature stations are suppose to be located according to the National Weather Service and where many are actually located. You will find stations located near roads, under exhaust vents, turned the wrong way. And, since GW believers think co2 is so bad, why is co2 so good for plants? Did you know plant nurseries use co2 diffusers because it helps the plants grow faster? If you think co2 is so bad, stop breathing. You are emitting loads of it every day. Don't drink carbonated beverages, the opening releases co2. Climate scientist know there is no such thing as global warming and have attempted to hide their data, but some of it has leaked out. They need to hide it because this is their living. Keep claiming they need more money to study and governments and nut cases send in the money. It's a great scam. It's also how Al Gore makes his money, but he does not live how he preaches others should live. In short, use common sense, think for yourself, do some research. If you are not capable of that, you will believe any scam

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