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When my bi-racial child wasWhen my bi-racial child was young i search high and low for a product. She screamed when I tried to brush her hair. The best product I ever used is very inexpensive and works wonderfully. It took her hair from dry and brittle to soft and silky. its called CARE FREE CURL Instant Moisturizer with glycerine. its made by SoftSheen Carson. After washing hair put a generous amount in your hand and massage it into the hair. Use your fingers like a comb to create wringlets. It will look wet for a few hours then dry like silk. I used it every morning; combed through her hair once a day b/c it is so thick; style and don't mess with it again. I could never comb through it dry. its about $8.00 for 32 oz. Look in black hair care section of some Walmart stores or Sally's Beauty Supply. It was a life saver for me. Good Luck!

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