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@ M. Hermit [Dates of@ M. Hermit [Dates of Southern Hemisphere (Austral) seasons (According To): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bah%C3%ADa_Blanca#Climate ] In the southern (austral) hemisphere: summer starts on 21 December ending 21 March. Winter starts on 21 June, ending on 21 September. However, according to my Google search results, on another website the beginning of the 4 seasons for the Northern Hemisphere is different according to the year ▬ stated as: First day of spring 2014 - Northern Hemisphere - Mar 20, 2014 www.cute-calendar.com › ... › Seasons › First day of spring ‎ The first day of Spring is in 2014 on March 20 (according to the astronomical definition). It is also called the spring quinox. Spring is ... Mar 20, 2015 First day of spring 2015 Mar 19, 2016 First day of spring 2016 On www.almanac.com the starting dates of the seasons is given and reason for them, and also why different seasons start at different times and dates based on the time zone you're in, etc., and if you want to try experiments like balancing an egg on the vernal equinox or some other eqinox, etc., I would suggest 1st checking for the 1st day of this year's seasons as well as equinoxes which are not on the 1st day of each season, at www.almanac.com, and then for the Southern (Austral) Hemisphere's seasons just re-label the 1st day of the summer as the 1st day of winter, following season is Spring, etc. You could also Google: 1st day of the seasons 2014, etc, at www. google.au

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