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Hello, I noticed no oneHello, I noticed no one answered your question. I am African American I have celebrated the Passover for many years. I celebrate it in the way the Israelite people who where African people in the land of Egypt who were African people would celebrate such an occasion. In parts of West Africa it is called a Jubiliee a celebration for freedom. I use the bitter herbs we use all the time Greens, corn, yams and unleaven bread which is eaten for seven days, eat nothing containing yeast until after the end of passover. You are not grafted in, you are a true descendant of the ancient Israelite people. In the book John chapter 8 verse 31 thru 47. The Jews said they were never in bondage (slaves) to any one. The Israelite who are not the same as the Jews were slaves in Egypt which is the whole basis for Passover. Sometimes you have to read the book for yourself.Start from the beginning as you would with any book.Read the whole chapter, look up the meaning of words.Check this out Deuteronomy chapter 28 read the whole chapter and verse 68 confirms the slave trade of the Israelite people. The jews have never been slaves or slave traded. So according to scripture who is really the desendants of ancient Israel? We are destroyed due to the lack of knowledge and the brainwashing of false history and religion.

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