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Also Egypt is in Africa andAlso Egypt is in Africa and so is Israel according to ancient maps. The people you see in those lands are Turks who desend from Gehazi IIKings chapter five and from the Aryan people who desend from the Dravidian tribe of India which is the true orgion of Causasian people. The first five books in the bible are in order the rest are intentionally out of order to confuse the negroes who learn to read. If you put the prophets with the right kings by using the chronicles of the kings you can put it in its true order. This book has been tampered with use a righteous judgement and common sense to understand certain things for the time periods. And pray. Egypt is still in Africa and so is Israel there is no middle east. The middle east of the east would be in China not Africa. The location is north east Africa. It is funny when it comes to the history of African Americans all we are told is about slavery and the abuse of these same people. Because they have stolen our history even the history of Egypt, Asia and America, any where else the people of colour were there first. Divided we fall, lack of knowledge we fall.

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