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I heard we're going to have aI heard we're going to have a summer el nino this year. It'll be good news for the people in California who are struggling with the devastating drought. I think the el nino that never developed has really hurt them because after a la nina in 2012 they were dealing with wildfires and record heat ever since. They need the rain much more than anybody else. However, hopefully the el nino doesn't bring any more unusually chilly and wet weather here in the southeast. Do you think this summer will turn out to be another non-summer? Because last summer we had way too much rainfall and with the record rains, it held temperatures down much like 2009. We could never dry out long enough for us to have any typical summer weather. An el nino will be very good for drought-stricken California but will it give us a break at all? After a cold and snowy winter, we're all ready for a nice warm summer on the east coast.

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