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When we got the results backWhen we got the results back from the abstract office it was saying that we were a little high on ph and low on nitrogen. But not real bad. They said we had a fungi disease called blight. It started at the tomatoes and made the stems gooey and the leaves turned yellow and gooey and the tomatoes were black on bottom and not very big and then it spread to the cantalopes and then went from there to the watermelons cucumbers bell peppers jalapeno peppers squash and okra. We was told to get fungi spray and mulch and we did put mulch under all plants and sprayed that fungicide spray according to the directions on it. We have a sandy soil and we also use miracle grow. We fertilized the garden every year. One thing we didn't do was rotate our plants in our garden. We didn't know to do that. I never had heard of blight before. The vegetables in the garden all has a black spot on them which got bigger and bigger and the leaves and stems on everything turned yellow and gooey.

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