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We're in north centralWe're in north central Kentucky (not far from Louisville), and I can attest to the fact that this is the first Winter that's been even remotely normal for at least two decades, based on the last fifty years or so. It's been a very welcome thing, considering that the soil quality has been steadily deteriorating, and the insect population increasing to a very noticable extent. My hope is that (a) having actually HAD Winter this year (though it started late), it will help improve the soil and kill off some of the insects and (b) that the global warming we've all witnessed is, indeed, a cyclical phenomenon rather than one caused by human recklessness. I don't doubt that a lot of our practises are not good for the planet, especially the massive deforestation we're responsible for. But from what I've read, there have been times in history where the carbon levels have been much higher than they are now, and things went back to a colder trend. The most important thing is balance. It seems many want to take the position that warm is good and cold is bad. Nothing could be further from the truth. Each is essential in its' season, which is why the richest portion of the farm belt lies in areas which are balanced by Summer and Winter.

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