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I can only repeat that theI can only repeat that the idea of Spring and when it begins has nothing to do with the Vernal Equinox but has to do with the renewal of life on Earth for both flora and fauna, The *Vernal* Equinox takes its name from Spring in the commonly accepted sense, not the reverse. ('Vernal' means Spring.) It happens *in" the Spring, not at its beginning. The same is true of the Summer Solstice, which is on 'Mid-Summer Day' - ie in the midst of Summer, not its beginning. And, of course, Summer in the Northern hemisphere is Winter in the Southern, whatever name is given to the solstice. This obsession with astronomical definitions of the seasons is a modern dogma. I would rather call it *astrological* because of its connections with supposedly ancient rituals like those at Stonehenge (and even more in Celtic lands), most of which originated in the Nineteenth Century as part of the Romantic Movement in literature, art and music. There is certainly no science in it, only scientism, which we should be better off without.

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