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been following 6pm moonsbeen following 6pm moons since august actually. i am a moony. i'm like whoa! from direct south, to direct east points, the moon rises a one league to the east every night, traveling westerly through out the night. ....after the 6 full moons arriving more easterly every night, are many no moon nights at 6pm. except for the last of these, the moon will show its shiny face in the morning. the morning moons. ..back to whoa: 8 nights between point south to point east, until Feb. was i surprised in February, that there were only 7 nights! 28 days, dugh. As we know February does. Except March is 6 nights, [and more confusion to confusing to write here], regarding where the moon is seen twice at the same points near direct west, south, so on. There are 31 days in March. Is there some explainable typical March reason for this?

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