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Your all lost. AstronomyYour all lost. Astronomy absolutely defines trhe seasons, and always has. You are too hung up on high sun and low sun and what beginnings and ends mean. This is why an understanding of our place in the universe is so darn important. Just beacause it doesn't jive with your definition does not make it incorrect. The equinoxes and soltices are absolutely the beginnings of seasons. Our ancestors knew this, and so we should try to be as understanding of nature as they were. By the way, to suggest that the astronomical dates do not change is just plain silly and uneducated. Simply google "The precession of the equinoxes" to see that the dates do change. Do not be so hung up on when birdies lay and hatch eggs, and when flowers bloom. The flowers in my front yard may begin sprouting next week, however my neighbor's may not start for two weeks after that. It surely is not spring just on my side of the street! The real explanation? Differing species of flowers. I think too many of you may be too vain to believe that YOUR definition os seasons does not match that of the cosmos. Incidentally, there is winter, spring, summer, and fall on Mars. But no life blooming and fading. Just position of the celectial equator and ecliptic. You know, the TRUE definition of seasons!

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