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I'm not sure how you canI'm not sure how you can suggest the apparent rising and setting of the sun is NOT an astronomical event. All motions of the sky are 100% astronomical. Just because humans experience it does not mean that science doesn't drive it. In fact, the entire universe, and all that occurs in it is scientific phenomena. And of course you can look up the times the sun sets and rises in an almanac.....they have been mathematically calculated by............. uh, lets see.....who are they again? Oh yeah, ASTRONOMERS! I'm not sure what the ramblings about eclipses and moon landings had to do with any of this, but yes I agree we do see them. There is no obsession with astronomical definitions, and suggesting it is pagan really explains all of this. Its just another example of individuals being unable to grasp the explanations of the world around them, while still holding onto their faith. They do not need to be separated, in fact for many of us one only strengthens the other. The bottom line is that everything you see in the sky, and everything associated with seasons can be explained by science. Do not limit your creator to magic. My creator created everything, including science. He/she gave me a logical, problem solving mind, yet has not asked that I forego its use. My creator is most likely the first, and greatest scientist ever! People need to get over being hung up on language, and just enjoy the "inconceivable nature, of nature." I stole that quote from Richard Feynman.

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